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Litigation Support

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Choosing the right expert can determine the outcome of your case. Credibility and preparation are essential for a successful conclusion. Our input may begin during the negotiation phase, often continuing through trial preparation and including providing expert testimony if the case goes to court. Our technical knowledge and communication skills ensure clear and concise testimony on complex issues.

We are accustomed to making ourselves available to attorneys and clients on short notice, and are capable of providing valuable insight into the accounting issues surrounding threatened or pending legal action. We always look for creative solutions and innovative approaches to the problems of litigation and settlement. Detailed below are some of the services we provide, on a fast turnaround basis, to legal counsel.

Forensic Accounting

The dictionary defines forensic as “making material suitable for presentation in a court of law.” On a more practical note, it is the investigative process that uncovers evidence. Forensic accounting is the process of reviewing records to support a legal action. Such an investigation may involve civil action between business partners, divorce, criminal charges of theft, embezzlement or other violation of trust, damage claims, and personal injury. Our experience has given us insight into what attorneys expect from a CPA in preparation for trial and in court. Besides conducting the investigation, Gray CPA is capable of presenting evidence as an expert witness.

Business Valuations

The value of a business is often disputed in contractual disagreements or legal actions. As business, legal, and tax matters grow more complex and the parties involved become more sophisticated, our services can help you strengthen your financial position. Gray CPA can coordinate your independent outside valuation expert.

Structured Settlements

When complex accounting or tax considerations are necessary to produce a structured settlement, Gray CPA's technical knowledge provides you with the resources you need to present a settlement proposal that will be accepted by your client, the court, and the other side. We also provide any implementation support you may require.

Estates, Trusts, and Taxes

Accounting and tax support is almost always necessary in this area of the law. A crucial first step in designing a succession plan for a closely held business is to determine the value of the business in question. This allows for the proper tax planning measures to be taken. We at Gray CPA pride ourselves on the way in which we work closely with lawyers and others to provide clients with maximum resource retention.

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