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Financial Management

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Financial success is not an overnight event. At Gray CPA, we believe a long-term relationship is the key to reaching your goals. We share our knowledge and understanding of complex financial issues with each of our clients. Our offerings include financial management services in four areas: tax advisory services, family office services, investment advisory services, and trust services. Through the financial planning process, we can help you assess your financial needs and develop highly specialized strategies that will enable you to achieve your objectives and strengthen your financial security.

Tax Advisory Services

Tax advisory services include tax planning for estate and income taxes, technical research, and proactive client advice, tax return preparation for individuals, gift tax returns, estate tax returns, fiduciary tax returns, family companies in various forms, charitable trusts, and private foundations.

We seek to have the majority of our client's financial resources working to achieve their objectives rather than the government's. Our experienced accountants stay on top of constantly changing tax laws, taking advantage of opportunities that may reduce your tax liability and put more of your money to work for you.

Family Office Services

Family offices have been in existence since the turn of the century. The concept of a family office was first created by wealthy individuals to centralize and control the management of family affairs with their own private offices staffed with professional financial advisors. These family offices were dedicated to serving one family exclusively. Gray CPA is an extension of the original single family office by offering these services to multiple families of wealth.

Many affluent individuals have a variety of advisors – attorneys, accountants, investment managers, insurance professionals and private bankers – but many lack coordinated expertise on their behalf. We work with the client's other professionals to provide a coordinated solution for all financial and investment concerns. We give value to our clients by pulling together all the pieces of their financial lives and making it as seamless as possible. Our family office services are designed to assist multiple families with personal financial planning, family strategic planning, fiduciary services, eldercare, and personal services.

Investment Services

Investment planning and evaluation for family wealth, retirement plans, and not-for-profits are a few of the investment advisory services we perform. We provide investment monitoring, not management. Gray CPA facilitates and reviews the creation of investment policy statements and monitors the money managers, providing periodic balance sheets and income statements in a familiar business-like format. We give strategic investment advice, which is fee and objective based, and report on the results.

Trust Services

We have extensive experience with family revocable and irrevocable trusts, testamentary trusts, and estates. We review trust documents and wills in consultation with your attorney, and prepare the annual trust or estate tax returns. We also plan to minimize the trust's or estate's annual income taxes and the estate's “death” taxes. Our understanding of fiduciary income taxation is well above average.

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