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A fiduciary is one charged with the management of another's property. That includes trustees or managers of trust funds, managers of investment and pension funds, foundation managers, and executors of wills. Gray CPA should be a member of your team that plans for the establishment of trusts, estates, and other fund management organizations, as well as performing required tax and accounting services. We are in a unique position to provide professional services to individual fiduciaries because of our extensive business and technical background. We have the ability to interact on a professional level with lawyers, brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, realtors, and family members to ensure continuity of service.

Estate Planning

We emphasize planning and tailor it to our client's needs. Because every individual is unique, each estate plan is too. An estate represents the accumulation of a lifetime and the legacy which will be passed on. We educate our clients about tax and legal structures and advise them how best to provide for those they wish to benefit and how to leave the minimum amount legally required to the government.

Gray CPA appreciates the advantages of a “professional team” approach. We will work with you, your attorney, and insurance agent throughout this ongoing process.


Our professionals are experienced at establishing all types of trusts, as well as providing necessary accounting and tax preparation services. We can also act as financial advisors to trustees and executors, and recommend tax saving strategies using trusts.


Filing requirements for fiduciary taxes are different from those for ordinary income taxes. The forms and the filing deadlines, as well as rates and deductions are very different from other areas. To minimize fiduciary taxes, the preparation and filing of fiduciary returns should be trusted only to a certified public accounting firm experienced in such matters. We prepare many of these returns each year and apply our knowledge of the fine points of income tax issues in this area.


As a working document, as estate plan must be kept current. Circumstances and assets change constantly. With these changes often come tax consequences. Fiduciary responsibility requires that every effort be made to minimize the tax impact of actions involving the trust, estate, fund, or foundation. Gray CPA can monitor your estate plan to assure that it is kept current.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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