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To run a successful business, you cannot depend on an accountant whose primary focus is on your past. At Gray CPA, our goal is to be proactive in helping you achieve your vision of the future. We anticipate barriers, remove obstacles, and strive to become your most trusted advisor. We are business consultants to our clients, delivering objective management counsel as well as highly personalized accounting services. These services are detailed below.

Strategic Planning

Whether you are starting a new business, are currently operating a business, or have just sold your business, a plan is essential. A new business needs strategic planning to get off on the right foot. An operating business needs a plan to maximize its profitable growth, and a person who recently sold a business needs strategic planning to manage investment of the proceeds.

One aspect of strategic planning involves asset management, including allocation of funds within your portfolio, which may include an operating business, to maintain the highest value for your portfolio.

Business Management

As an active business owner, the way in which you structure your salary and wage scales, as well as your employee benefits packages, will affect your profitability. If you are a current or former business owner, you need to plan your annual income from your investments. Our third party objectivity, as well as our technical knowledge, can make an important contribution.

Systems Planning

Your accounting and management systems play a key role in attaining your goals and objectives. Even if you are a former business owner, a cash flow system and a system for making sure that your assets are protected will contribute to your financial comfort. Gray CPA is a process-oriented firm that can make a significant contribution to the development and smooth implementation of management systems to maximize your net worth.

Estate Planning

Business owners should consider how the business will be passed to other owners, whether they are the next generation of family, key employees, or outsiders. Before a business passes into new hands, the previous owner also needs an estate plan to be sure that survivors enjoy the fruits of his/her labor unencumbered by excessive taxes and legal complications. Gray CPA is in the best position to head the team of professional counsel advising you on this important issue. We possess both the expertise and advisory skills required for this often emotional matter.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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